For most businesses tax compliance may be a complicated experience. CapAdvisors’ Tax Services ensure that your business meets all tax obligations.

Every business transaction that you make has a tax consequence. It is important that you pay your taxes right, not more, not less.

We not only give opinions on complex tax matters, but also provide support at every transactional level. Our tax experts are well versed in current legislations and tax laws, providing sound advice for current transactions that are not to be challenged at a later date.

Tax services is spread across many functions including payroll processing and financial accounting. We help in tax computations for every transaction, preparing and filing tax returns, tax planning, GST, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, refunds and dealing with enquiries from tax departments.

Once your business entity is setup and accounting processes are in place, the next logical step is understanding business taxation. We understand the whole gamut of business taxation including taxable income rates, capital gains taxes, with-holding taxes, indirect taxes, and employee taxes. CapAdvisors seamlessly delivers high quality accounting and advisory services to clients. This dedicated setup helps us in delivering tax compliance services to local and international clients.

In India, The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central monetary authority. RBI regulates the banking and ensures financial stability in the system. RBI is also responsible for foreign exchange including payments and settlements.

However, for companies bringing investments into India have to comply with the FDI policies. These policies are updated and clarified from time to time. The two important routes to bring FDI into India are the Automatic route and the Approval route.

Clients who outsource their tax function are not merely looking at cost savings. Our clients are looking at consistent compliance and sustained performance in today’s dynamic regulatory environment. When it comes to business tax laws or employee taxes, CapAdvisors expert team delivers outstanding services to local and international clients.

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